Memphis, TN
Feels like 36°.
Humidity: 68% Dew Point: 30°
Clouds: 75% Pressure: 30.22 in
Wind: S 6 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 3:39am
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51 39
Light rain in the evening and overnight.
86%   92%
6:39   5:51
62 47
Rain until evening.
99%   80%
6:37   5:52
57 42
Clear throughout the day.
20%   38%
6:36   5:53

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News Trending Now

Deadly Traffic Accidents Are UP

Deadly traffic accidents are up in Shelby County. As of February 20, there had been 28 traffic deaths this year. That’s 17 more than this time last year. Shelby County Sheriff’s Office officials say... Read More.

Early Voting

Shelby County voters are taking advantage of early voting in the presidential primary. Early voting in Tennessee began February 12 and ends February 25.  The presidential primary in Tennessee is set for March 3.

New Animals at The Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is welcoming some new animals. The two bat-eared foxes recently became part of the zoo family. Helen came to the Cat Country exhibit from a zoo in Chicago, while Raj came... Read More.

20 Monitored For Coronavirus

Nearly  2 dozen people in Shelby County are being monitored for the coronavirus. The Shelby County Health Department says the 20 Shelby County residents being monitored reported recently traveling back from China. Officials say... Read More.

MPD Officer Charged With DUI

A Memphis Police Department officer is being relieved of duty. Officer Carrington Hite was relieved of duty after being charged with DUI, reckless driving, and public intoxication. Police documents indicate Hite allegedly crashed his... Read More.

No New Voting Machines

Shelby County won’t have new voting machines for the Presidential election in November. The announcement was made on Facebook by county Commissioner Tami Sawyer. Sawyer said commissioners were told a referendum will have to... Read More.

Fed Ex Pilots Can Refuse China Flights

FedEx is allowing its pilots to refuse trips to China. The decision was made as world health officials work to contain the Coronavirus. FedEx released a statement on Saturday saying the safety and well-being... Read More.

Arkansas Walmart Shooter Dead

The suspect in an Arkansas Walmart shooting is dead. Forrest City police say the person died Monday morning following a confrontation with officers inside the store. Two cops were wounded and are hospitalized. Witnesses... Read More.