Memphis, TN
Partly Cloudy
Feels like 83°.
Humidity: 53% Dew Point: 63°
Clouds: 43% Pressure: 29.84 in
Wind: S 6 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 3:53pm
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82 68
Possible drizzle in the morning.
87%   73%
5:50   8:07
78 64
Possible light rain starting in the afternoon.
83%   53%
5:50   8:08
80 64
Rain in the afternoon.
66%   37%
5:49   8:09

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News Trending Now

Non-stop Flights to Atlanta

Nonstop service between Memphis International and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta is ready to take off. Service between the two cities on Southwest Airlines has begun. Flights will operate twice-daily, except on Saturdays which will... Read More.

Warning! Jury Duty Scam

Authorities in Shelby County are giving people a heads-up about a jury duty scam. The sheriff’s office says prospective jurors will never be asked for financial information or social security numbers or other personal... Read More.

Memphis Beefing Up The Force

Dozens of new law enforcement officers are ready to hit the streets of Memphis and Shelby County. Over 30 Memphis Police Department recruits attended a graduation ceremony at First Baptist Broad Church Thursday night.... Read More.

Booze at The Zoo? Memphis Zoo Mixes With Alcohol

Memphis Zoo visitors 21-years-old and older may soon be able to buy alcohol while watching the animals. The Tennessee Senate passed legislation yesterday that would allow the zoo to sell alcohol during regular business... Read More.

Several Polling Places Are Shut Down

The Shelby County Election Commission is changing several polling places. Tennessee voters go to the polls tomorrow for the Super Tuesday primary and officials today say there are eight polling places no longer available... Read More.

Half Day March 13th

Shelby County school officials are reminding family that the next half-day is on March 13th. The half-day program registration is open on PowerSchool until this Thursday, March 5th. The half-day program offers academic and... Read More.

On the Look Out For Covid-19

Health officials in Memphis are answering questions about Coronavirus. They held a news conference at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center yesterday to educate the community. Shelby County Health Department officials say staff... Read More.

Jewish Community Giving Back

The Jewish community in Memphis is preparing for Purim. The Jewish holiday is about thinking of others. The Baron Hirsch Congregation in east Memphis hosted its fourth Great Big Sandwich Make for those in... Read More.