Hi, my name is Kevin “Crash” Davis. I am honored to serve as Operations Manager/Director of Programming for 97.7 & 100.1 Guess FM.

I’ve been on the air at Guess FM since October 2015.

I began my radio career in the fall of 1985, during my senior year of high school at a small Country station just outside of Nashville in Portland, Tennessee. After college at Middle Tennessee State University, in the late 80’s & early 90’s I embarked upon my radio career in various southern cities including Huntsville, Alabama; Biloxi & Jackson, Mississippi (I actually worked with fellow Guess FM DJ Deb Dockery at a rock radio station in Jackson back in 1990!) and Shreveport, Louisiana.  From the mid-90’s to early 00’s, I went on to be Program Director of several Country radio stations throughout the Midwest, including in Evansville & Fort Wayne, Indiana; Wichita, Kansas & suburban Chicago. I also became nationally syndicated on more than 45 Country radio stations through a Colorado-based network. Then for nearly a decade, I worked as Program Director of a Classic Rock station in Gainesville, Florida.

Again, it is an honor to serve you here in Memphis.